“I have no idea how many times I’ve fallen off but it’s a lot. For me, the most important thing is I always get back on.”

Name: Beata Maśka
Born: 1990
Place of birth: Poland
Do: Event & Wedding Manager

Where is your favorite place to go in Ibiza which is never mentioned in the guidebooks?
It’s a very old, authentic Ibicenco house in San Juan where my friend lives. It’s hidden away, off the beaten path. It has a little farm with lots of fruits, vegetables and animals. I love spending time there. When I go home I feel like I’ve just returned from a holiday.

Tell us about your horse
He’s a beautiful 4-year-old stallion named Luno. Owning a horse has been my biggest dream since I was a little girl. It was my wish for every shooting star and every birthday cake candle. I started taking riding lessons when I was eight. It was a difficult time for my family as we didn’t have a lot of money, but my Mum knew it was my dream. She made sure I was able to practice no matter what. I’m so grateful for that. I didn’t plan to get a horse in Ibiza but I found Luno in a bad environment with careless owners, so I had to rescue him, I couldn’t turn my back. I connected with Luno the first time we met. He’s very young and still a little unruly but he’s beautiful, friendly and he likes to cuddle.

I’ve heard it said that “You’re not an equestrian unless you’ve fallen off seven times.” What do you think of this and how many times have you fallen off a horse?
(Laughs) I think it’s true! In life, we fall. It’s a normal process, especially when we learn. Add to this an intelligent but timid animal and the results are unpredictable. I have no idea how many times I’ve fallen off but it’s a lot. For me, the most important thing is I always get back on.

What do you think owning a horse has taught you about yourself?
That I can reach for my biggest dreams. Luno has also taught me how to better deal with stress. I find that taking care of him, riding and even just watching him helps me to relax and appreciate what’s around me.

What’s the Polish community like on Ibiza?
There is a Polish community on the island but I don’t know that many Poles – I have only 2 Polish friends here. Ibiza has a diverse population so I enjoy hanging out with people from different countries. It’s fun to talk about the differences and similarities between our countries and cultures. I’d like to meet more Poles in Ibiza, but I’m not searching for them.

You wear several hats working for a popular Ibiza events venue – manager, wedding planner, problem solver. How do you do it?
With all my heart. Sometimes I feel stressed and overwhelmed, but when it comes to a wedding day and I see the couple with happy faces it gives me a lot of satisfaction and motivates me to keep doing my best. I’m also lucky to have a really good team around me and great bosses. They help me a lot.

What do you do to combat stress over a busy Ibiza summer?
(Laughs) I don’t, but I’m working on it. I try to be more organized and have time for myself, because in the middle of the summer it’s easy for life to become solely about work and sleep. Whenever I realize I’m starting to live like this I force myself to wake up earlier, visit Luno more often or go to the beach. On my days off I try to hang out with friends, party and try not to overthink work.

How did you find Ibiza?
My best friend from university came to the here 5 years before me. Whilst I was working in Poland Ibiza was not an affordable destination for me. But I moved to UK for work and with the better pay I was finally able to visit Ibiza for a holiday. I fell in love with the island and the people here. From the moment I met my best friend’s buddies here I felt like a member of this Ibiza family. I went back to London, quit my job immediately and moved here.

Is there something on the island you would really like to experience which you haven’t as yet?
I would love to spend a simple day on a boat with my friends, we still haven’t done that yet. It’s difficult for all of us to get a day off together, but one day we’ll make it happen.

What’s your island car?
A red SEAT Marbella from 1988. It’s angular, slow, loud…and absolutely stylish! When I moved to Ibiza I bought a scooter, which is perfect for summer but in winter it’s a bit too cold for me to ride around on. I asked my landlord to recommend me a used car and he offered me one of his old cars included with my rent. I picked the SEAT! I love old rickety cars like this, they have so much character. Next car on my list? An old Russian LADA!