“I’ve been told a few times from pessimists that my enthusiasm is annoying to them… but who wants to dwell in darkness?”

Name: Berri Shulman-Hill
Born: 1955
Place of birth: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Do: Graphic artist, milliner & designer of bespoke fashion items for dogs.
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Tell us about your creative journey from rock’n’roll photography through to millinery
Being a rock photographer in the mid 70’s wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds. It was the beginning of Punk and hanging around in grey concrete dressing rooms with everyone feeling nervous wasn’t so appealing after a while. I’ve always worked in creative environments so encountered a lot of interesting people and projects along the way. I set up a charity in the mid 80’s in New York where we sent underprivileged teenagers to Calcutta, India, for them to experience another existence beyond drugs and McDonalds. I created my own organic skincare range and perfume and exhibited my artwork with the ‘Tit Tatt’ Collection which was based on pin-up girl tattoos. I worked in the music industry before moving here in 2013.

I started making hats as so many people admired mine that I felt inspired to start making for others. I like the idea of making people look attractive, stylish and confident through wearing a bespoke hat. I also create graphic art and since getting a dog, I am now making vintage kimono fabric dog collars and leashes which have jewellery features. In the winter I make cosy, snazzy dog coats.

What is it that draws you to making hats?
I’ve always loved hats. They make you feel and look so glamorous, immediately. I love it when a client tries on their creation and they look sensational. It makes me so happy. Some advertising campaign in the 80’s said “If you want to get ahead… get a hat.”

Tell us the story of your favourite hat
I don’t have a favourite as each one is so uniquely different. I love it when I get all the elements working together (which can takes days) and they fit perfectly. No two hats are ever the same.


How do your friends describe you?
My friend says “I’m a social key that opens hearts and minds to new possibilities. The kind of person who you always want to have at any social events or parties.” Her words not mine.

When do you last recall telling a white lie? What was it?
I can’t tell you that in case they read this.

Are you a pessimist, an optimist, or something completely different?
I’m definitely an optimist!! I’ve been told a few times from pessimists that my enthusiasm is annoying to them… but who wants to dwell in darkness?


What’s your biggest regret this week?
I really don’t like regrets. Everything in life has a reason and anything can be turned around.

If you had one criticism of Ibiza, what would it be?
I think this island is special and most days it feels like paradise. I feel immense gratitude.

What does wisdom mean to you?
It means being able to listen to your inner voice and trust your instinct. We all have a lot to teach each other, and it’s important to always bring out others special qualities, even if they don’t see it for themselves.

If Ibiza was a hat, what hat would it be?
It’s got to be a top hat that’s wildly flamboyant and easy to party in.