“Art gives humans a purpose, it’s essential to help withstand whatever life throws at us. It is natures highest form of healing.”

Name: Camilla Sadaghna
Born: 1984
Place of birth: Blackburn, UK
Do: Singer. Songwriter. Sound-healer. Producer. See more at patreon.com/camillasadaghna

What do you mean when you say that you “Reveal love through sound”?
I mean that, in the very moment, when I am sharing—and actually creating—my music, it goes way beyond the physical realm we are in. By being totally present, together, in the emptiness of the space, we open up to a new world of mystery, in which there is an opportunity to cascade effortlessly through the sounds into an ocean of infinity. We can allow ourselves to dissolve into oneness, with divinity and all that simply is. That is L O V E revealed.

Tell us about your Cosmic Heart Hub
In a nutshell, the Cosmic Heart Hub is my new Patreon community. You can think of it as my non-mainstream record deal. There is no middle man, just me and those who love what I am creating – my “fans” (that feels really funny to say.) For a monthly subscription fee, my patrons get access to a variety of things like: monthly guided sound meditations that we co-create; a monthly home recorded acoustic track; acoustic & electronic-acoustic videos; live-stream concerts; behind the scenes footage; blog/vlogs about life, love and all things cosmic, and more nuggets of magic. Through this platform I have a direct relationship with my patrons to converse and share; it’s a two-way emotional support hub as much as anything else. My intention through this journey is to inspire, uplift, ignite and liberate our souls. To remind us of the love we truly are.

It’s been a month since I started my Patreon channel and I’m really starting to feel what this means to me and my patrons. To put that into words is hard, as music speaks louder, but what I can say is that this feels like something I have been waiting for my whole life; an opportunity for my creativity to be valued, appreciated and accepted in this world. To have a platform where it may be received and to do the cosmic work I feel I am here to do, where others can receive the love I reveal when I create it. I can’t express enough how this is changing my world, one patron, one act of love at a time. May it always be reciprocated for the highest good of all mankind.


Do you think sounds & vibrations brought you to live in Ibiza?
Absolutely yes. Ibiza is the island of dance, of endless creativity. Sacral chakra heaven! It’s no surprise to me that I am here at this point in my life, being given the opportunity to live my musical dreams.

The first time I came here I remember landing and immediately feeling a sense of home, with no explanation. It was a vibration that resonated through every part of my being. I first arrived with my mum and sister when I was 15 on a quiet family holiday, then two years later I came back with friends who introduced me to the clubs. That was the beginning of my soul’s adventure here. The Ibiza addiction took hold and I came back every year, sometimes twice in a season. In 2016 I left the UK to travel for a few years and at the end of it all, I just wanted to go home. The only place that I ever felt truly at home was Ibiza. I booked my one-way flight and here I am, living in my hearts dream. I join the long list of people who feel this magnetism, exploding from within whenever they are here.

What inspires you?
The human experience we are sharing. Everything. Everybody. Everywhere. The way people, nature and every life experience ignites my feelings in response to the majesty, to unravel through one of my creations. It’s just magic.

Do you consider yourself an artist? What is art and artistry to you?
I guess so, as to me everything is art yet Art is undefinable in its essence. To me it’s whatever it wants to be. It’s an unpredictable playground for our feelings to be expressed. It’s a vehicle for each and every soul to pour through its essence. It’s a vulnerable state of being, as much an object of desire. It’s being raw and naked with what you crave to share and BE in the world. Art gives humans a purpose, it’s essential to help withstand whatever life throws at us. It is natures highest form of healing. Art is everything.

What is the biggest life change you’ve gone through?
Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Leaving my secure full-time job as a dietitian in London to follow my heart’s yearning to travel to the Americas. It took me years to pluck up the courage to jump into my dreams. Years! Today I feel like I’m in the midst of the next big change. Making music my life, my work, my play, my everything. I’m living in the beauty of the unknown right now. It’s scary but exciting, and once you’ve travelled to the fearful edge, flown off and landed in a bed of rainbow feathers once, it’s hard to stop.

What is one thing that you can not live without?
Heart-to-heart connections, they drive my soul.

Seeing, hearing, feeling or expressing – which one is most important to you?
I’m a cancer sun sign, so feelings are my everything. My guide. My connection to my soul-divine-self. Sometimes the feelings are wild, they take over me, and those moments are best to be felt and let go of; but more often than not, beneath the surface emotion, they are illuminating my way to the embodiment of love.

Where do you consider to be the most healing place in Ibiza?
The whole island is healing in different ways. San Mateo is a vortex in itself, holding my family and I on our healing journey here. Then there are the enchanting seas that gift me weightlessness and an opportunity to surrender all my worries. Then in each sweet town there is a coffee-hub where I can nustle in and watch the world go by as I write. Ibiza is like Mary Poppins bag – an endless playground of both light and dark. I’m just on the surface of what is yet to be discovered.

If you could have one super-power, what would it be?
To live fully in the present moment. That’s bliss as I know it.