“I was already very short of time and sleep but now I’m squeezing in hours of daily obsessive practice.”

Name: Claire Wakeman
Do: Musician, singer & bandleader

What do you do?
Holaaa ! I’m an Ibiza based guitarist/singer and more recently harpist. I’m the founder of groups Musical Mermaids, Oh La La and Island Vibes and I play bass in Mike Wake’s epic group The White Island Orchestra. I’m also a Mum of 2 little monsters; a boy aged 3 and a little girl that’s nearly 1. As you can imagine life is pretty hectic ! hahaha…

What is your favorite thing about summer?
Performing on boats. You can’t beat playing music with people that you love on a beautiful luxurious boat whilst admiring Ibiza/Formentera in all their sunset glory. It’s what dreams are made of. Every single gig I’ve done on a boat has an amazing and hilarious story to go with it. Such brilliant memories <3 Things are always unpredictable when sea is involved ! Love it !! hahaha… Bring on the boat gigs !!!

Your island guilty pleasure?
Drinking cold cañas in the sunshine (probably a little too early in the day and usually accompanied by some v. unhealthy and carby tapas). I find it really amusing that it’s cheaper to drink a caña than water here.


What’s the book, film or art that has most shaped who you are as a person?
The author that has most shaped me is probably Kurt Vonnegut Jnr. I’m a fan of all his work but Slaughter House 5 is the most moving. I really identify with the way he sees the world, his way of thinking totally sums me up.

What motivates you?
I’m driven by passion for whatever crazy or sometimes ridiculous idea happens to take hold, which is usually music related. My latest craze has been learning the harp. Even though I’m extremely busy with 2 children and a huge work-load I’ve become totally addicted to and obsessed with the harp. As if my life isn’t difficult enough moving heavy equipment around I’ve gone and got myself one of the largest and most awkward instruments known to man! I was already very short of time and sleep but now I’m squeezing in hours of daily obsessive practice. It’s so impractical but I can’t stop myself. When you find something you’re truly passionate about it doesn’t feel like a task, it’s pure joy, the most amazing and rewarding thing.

You can’t play music any more. What would you do?
If I couldn’t play music anymore I’d learn to sail. I’ve always been drawn to the sea and would love to explore the world on a boat. Maybe I’ll get to do that as a Granny, haha. I do love an over ambitious plan.

What is the thing about Ibiza that really makes you smile?
The fact that I can dress up as a mermaid and sing and play guitar off the back of a boat or on the side of an infinity pool whilst sipping champagne and call it ‘work’. I very often find myself in weird and wonderful situations chuckling to myself thinking ‘Only in Ibiza.’ It’s an island of endless possibilities which is extremely fun and liberating. There’s nowhere else in the world quite like this place.