“I’d get people asking if they had missed the sunset after it had already turned dark.”

Name: Jessie Clitheroe
Born: 1979
Place of birth: London, England
Do: Restaurant General & Marketing Manager

Tell us about how you ended up living in Ibiza? 
It was a bit random really. I actually never wanted to come here, as I thought it was just full of people off their heads! I then visited some friends when they were doing a season and I realised how much more there was to the island. I was between jobs in London, so decided to spend a Summer here and see what happened. I’m still here 13 years later.

You were the terrace manager on the famous sunset strip for 11 years, that’s a lot of sunsets! Do you still enjoy watching them?
I love them. They never get boring. Although I do prefer the ones with a bit of cloud, to make them more interesting. I think I enjoy it even more now as I don’t get to see them every day.

What’s the strangest thing someone’s asked you during your time on the terrace?
I had a hostess on trial once who asked me “Who is shining that torch in the sea?” I pointed out it was the lighthouse on the island in the distance! She didn’t get the job! I’d also get people asking if they had missed the sunset after it had already turned dark.

You had a unique approach to exercise during Ibiza’s lockdown
(Laughs) We live in a one-bedroom apartment and are lucky to have lovely sea views, but there isn’t much room for activity. Both of us love to exercise so we had to be creative. We have some hand weights, so we decided to walk up and down the stairs of the building 4 times in the morning with hand weights, and 6 times in the afternoon before doing a workout in the apartment! It kept us moving, and gave us a nice bit of routine, which I think was the key to our happy lockdown. Don’t know what the neighbours thought though!

What are you most grateful for?
I am extremely grateful that I am in a position to live comfortably on an island where people save up all year to come on their holidays. I really enjoy hiking in the winter, to have so many lovely places on our doorstep and mostly great weather. Lockdown really put things in perspective too, I am really more than ever grateful for my good health, friends and family.

Where’s your favourite non-sunset spot on the island?
I really like it around Es Cubells, Es Vedra and Salinas for hiking, although technically they are sunset spots too. I like Santa Agnes and San Mateo, they just feel like really sleepy unspoiled places. I love the really red soil around these areas too.

How do you like to relax?
Apart from hiking, I love to cook dinner at home and chilled movie nights, but those are more on my off-season list. A typical summer day consists of cleaning the house, a quiet beach somewhere, a nice lunch out, a bit more beach then home for a film on the sofa.

How do you stay positive?
I am lucky that I have a glass half-full mentality anyway, as does my boyfriend. I think when everything gets a bit much as it does for everyone from time to time, you have to focus on what you do have. It just keeps things in perspective.

Jessie was chosen by Lucy and photographed by Anne.