“Showing vulnerability should be something beautiful.”

Name: Joëlle Jelisa Vierling
Born: 1989
Place of birth: The Hague, Netherlands
Do: Singer / Songwriter, Reiki practitioner

What’s the difference between using your hands to heal through Reiki and giving someone a hug?
I don’t think there is a difference, it’s all about sharing each others energies and love. With Reiki there is more time to work with the body through touch, because a full session takes around an hour. There is more space to let things come to the surface and to experience those feelings and energies. I channel energy to the person, and it gives them exactly what they need in that moment. Sometimes I also see colors or even images and we talk about it after the session. The feedback and reaction I receive is priceless. My clients can relate to the things I say and it gives them a confirmation of their own feelings and thoughts, or things they may be struggling with in that moment. It also gives me confirmation that I can trust my vision during those sessions. I believe we know everything within ourselves, but sometimes another person needs to push our button to open us. www.reikibyjoelle.com

How do you feel about showing your vulnerabilities to the people around you?
It depends on the vulnerability and who I show it to. I can share a lot of my vulnerabilities with my boyfriend. However my father is quite ill, but no matter how scared I get about it, I will never show that in front of him. If only to protect him from worrying about me and about himself even more. Showing vulnerability should be something beautiful and it’s needed in this world. Whenever I post something vulnerable on social media, I get so many messages from people who tell me they can relate but never thought I would have the same struggles as them. We all have our stories, fears and demons inside of us. Why not show and share them with others, so we can learn and grow together?

Tell us about Spiritual Situation
Spiritual Situation is a project that my boyfriend and I started recently. The whole idea came from him – I just created the name! It’s an online store with spiritual-related items to help people receive more guidance through spirituality. We stock crystals, jewelry and stones. We also have a line of sweaters with spiritual quotes. Eventually the goal is to create a movement and we all encourage and help each other in our spiritual paths. We’re at the beginning of a journey with many steps. www.spiritualsituation.com

In what ways do you think Ibiza is unique to the rest of the world?
In many ways. The first thing I think of is the light here, it’s so pretty and glowy. I’ve never seen light like this anywhere else. Ibiza is also one of the most energetic places in the world, it gets under your skin. I remember coming here on holidays and when I went back to Holland I always missed Ibiza so much. It’s an island that gives you lessons; I think you can grow here much faster than, for example, where I am from in Holland. Ibiza has different kinds of people, it’s open minded, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you wear or what you do, everything is okay. The nature, the beaches, the food, the Spanish mentality…I could go on. Ibiza has changed me a lot. I’m more calm, at ease and grateful.

You’re about to release your first EP of original material. What took you so long?
I always thought writing songs was something other people did. Also, I’ve suffered from insecurity, laziness and many other excuses, the worst of which is that time always seems to run away from me. It’s taken 10 years for me to come around. But it’s funny that I also have the feeling that this is my time, right now, so it’s all good. I believe that you’re always where you need to be, so it’s perfect that I’m finally releasing something this year. I’m 30 years old, I have a story to tell and I’m getting less and less insecure of what I’m doing, so it’s the time to rise up!

You recently returned from your first trip to India. What was your experience like?
It was a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. One moment I loved it and the next I cried and wanted to go home. I travelled with my boyfriend and we were on a low budget, so sometimes we slept in dirty hotels and I had a hard time with that. I missed my fresh sheets so much! My biggest breakthrough was laying in bed in a guesthouse in Varanasi–an intense city–crying about the dirty sheets, but being angry at myself at the same time, because I thought of the people I saw on the streets begging for food. How could I be so ungrateful? I’m laying in a bed, they live on the streets!! It really brings you down to earth. The country is so special, the people are fascinating and the food is amazing. I’m in love with all the rituals I saw. I will definitely go back there to see more places.

If you could give the 6-year old version of you some advice, what would you tell her?
“Always listen to your gut. You can do everything you want, so don’t be insecure about what people may think. You have everything to succeed and you will, so have faith in yourself.” I’d also tell myself to learn how to play an instrument. That’s something I really regret. I had guitar lessons when I was 18, but I didn’t have the patience for it. It’s better to start learning an instrument when you’re really young. I think you can learn it much faster, just like a language.