“Being playful means a lot.”

Name: Kelly Joseph
Born: 1982
Place of birth: Durban, South Africa
Do: Sales & Account Manager. On the side I look after dogs!


Do you think you were a dog in a former life? What were you?
If I was, I would be a golden labrador. They are blonde, they love water, and they are open, friendly and affectionate which I think is quite similar to me. Especially the water thing, it’s one of my top things to do in life: Swim!

How did this South African end up in Ibiza?
I lived in London for 10 years, and decided to make my way to Australia after getting my British passport. Five days before leaving London, I got offered a job opportunity by my dear friend Mike Parry, here in Ibiza. I went to Australia for 2 weeks, then circled back to Ibiza to start my new life here. I stayed all year round from when I got here. It’s all about the winter for me. I really like the quiet beaches in the off-season, and every weekend we do secret beach hikes. The Five Peaks hike is my favourite, and you have it all to yourself. The squares in the towns in the winter are vibey, and I love a beach picnic in the winter too.

What’s an island secret that the world-at-large doesn’t know about?
There is a huge health and wellness scene. The hiking is incredible. The cheesecake is exceptional. There are SO MANY different types of cheesecake available – my favourite is from Ulivans in Santa Gertrudis and recently I tasted the Tiramisu at La Cucina, an Italian restaurant in Santa Eulalia. Wow.

What does being naughty mean to you?
Naughty? Not so sure, but being playful means a lot. I like the idea of humour in every day life, but also lightening the mood through being cheeky and playful. My idea of playful is getting excited about things, then making people around me excited about them. Jokes, comedy and pranks are what I love; there is nothing better than watching stand-up comedy to make everyone laugh and even better is real life pranks.

Living a planner life vs living life by the seat of your pants – choose
I’m stuck in the middle here. I used to be a planner galore, but as the days go by I realise that living by the seat of your pants is way better. My friends from SA cannot believe I don’t send them an excel agenda before my arrival anymore. Yes I did used to do that! I mean, when you have 3 weeks to visit your home country and all your childhood friends, you gotta use that time wisely. Obviously, there are some things you have to plan! Like Christmas, dog-walks and time-to-be-spontaneous (laughs).

Some people release doves at their wedding. You’ve said you’d like to release 100 dogs.
I just can’t think of anything better than having a whole bunch of dogs running around on your big day. You will also need a further 20 people to look after them. Imagine!

Tell us about a momentary lapse in judgement that got you in trouble.
I let someone charge me 60 euros to valet my car (laughs.) I once told a German DJ I love sausages and techno. We were at Sankeys on the dancefloor years ago when I heard said DJ’s accent, and and I just blurted out (assuming he was German) “I love sausages and techno” (both being German delicacies to my mind.) He looked at me with surprise on his face and said “I’m uh…just going to…uh…find my manager” and he disappeared. I didn’t see him again for the rest of the evening.

What’s the mark of a true friend? What do you do to be a true friend to others?
The mark of a true friend is no judgement and to have unconditional love. They don’t give up on you and always show up. I try to be a true friend by caring, being kind, loving and supportive.

Tell us a wild Ibiza story
I’d say the wildest stories in Ibiza always happened at Boutique Hostal Salinas Halloween parties. The parties used to start at 3 A.M, but most of us would only get there around 8 in the morning. Wake up, have a shower and head out to celebrate the day. It went all day and night and had the best music ever. One random year, people climbed up the walls to the roof of the building mid-afternoon in the blazing sun whilst everyone was cheering them on.

Another story is the time I sang Whitney Houston songs with the Brand New Heavies – all of us in the bathtub at Pikes . The band had been playing at Ibiza Rocks that night; I went to see them and then went to Pikes. I landed up in the bathtub filled with balls with Sunny leading the way on karaoke. The next thing I knew, Brand New Heavies were in there and the tunes were flowing!

Your favourite beach
Cala Oliviera in Roca Lisa. It’s intimate, has beautiful water, a great chiringuito and it’s chilled.

Your favourite hang-out
I love Babarey in Jesus for it’s village vibes. Also Soul Good on a Friday in Santa Eulalia and Resto Gusto in Figuerettes for the amazing food and colourful energy.

North or South of the island?
Both. Why choose when we can have both? When I’m in the mood for countryside, rich earth and fields of trees, with a hippie vibe, I go North. If I feel like more city vibes, buzz and beaches, then I go South. It’s really not that far in between the two, and I like driving around with my music and the scenery. It beats catching the tube any day.