“I think kindness is very underrated.”

Name: Lucy Dyer
Born: 1974
Place of birth: Lyndhurst, New Forest, UK
Do: Wedding and event manager

You’ve lived on Ibiza for over 20 years. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen during your time here?
I think the arrival of social media changed everything. Before, we were a little hippy party island in the Med and now Ibiza is a huge worldwide brand. The hedonism is still here of course, but in a much more VIP-corporate way.

How do you manage to stay calm whilst juggling all the responsibilities and pressures of a wedding day?
People always comment on how calm I am, but I’ve planned over 500 weddings and can honestly say I’m always nervous before every single one of them. It’s just so important to me that the day is right for my clients and you only get one shot at it! However, I’ve been doing it for a long time now and there isn’t much that I haven’t seen; I think in this kind of career, experience goes a long way. I also like to work with people that I can trust to turn up on time and do a good job. Planning a wedding is a team effort so it’s nice to know that if and when things go wrong you have the best people around to help you fix it.

Do you have any tricks for pacifying nervous brides?
I break them down at the rehearsal, haha! Seriously though, the rehearsal is often where the last minute nerves and tears come out. We talk it all through, walk the ceremony, chat about the décor and when it’s over my brides always feel so much better and calmer. On the day itself usually the bride is very calm and it’s the groom getting nervous.

Where do you get your energy to survive the hectic summer?
A wedding for me is an average of 16 hours and when you have a few of those a week it soon creeps up on you. I’m lucky in that my busy times are May / June and then September / October so although I’m still in the office I have a bit of a break from wedding days. I’m still always exhausted by the time the season ends in October though.

Can you separate your life from your work?
It’s very difficult during the summer as my job isn’t an average one. I have couples flying in from all over the world for the biggest day of their lives and I can’t just switch my phone off to them. Sometimes my day starts in the early hours if I have an overseas bride and the time differences can be difficult to keep up with. I wouldn’t change it though, I love what I do.

Where do you think you’d be if you never came to the island?
I honestly don’t know, I’ve never thought about that. I’m a strong believer that in life, you are always right where you are supposed to be. I’ve kind-of grown up here and Ibiza has made me who I am. I’ve met friends here who are like family. I met my fiance here and I have this amazing job. Ibiza has taught me independence, tolerance, open-mindedness and to work hard but still go with the flow. I think it’s only a certain type of person that survives here for a long time though – the Ibiza Tribe as you call it.

What is a weird thing about you which not many people know?
I’m obsessed with thunder storms and rain…I love them! Maybe not so much on wedding days, but I’ve been like it all my life so it’s nothing to do with the long hot summers here. I have at least 3 storm trackers on my phone and at any time I can tell you where the storms are in the World. I’m a complete weather geek! When we get thunderstorms in Ibiza you`ll find me rain-soaked in the garden just absorbing all the energy.

Where do you think is the most underrated spot on the island? 
I love San Juan, especially the little market on a Sunday. It’s fantastic to go there in the winter and then go to Benirrás beach for a walk.

What quality about yourself do you value most?
I try my best to always be kind. I think kindness is very underrated. It really doesn’t cost anything and goes a long way.

What are your favorite things about winter in Ibiza?
Seeing my friends. Cosy winter dinners. Time off to spend with family. The smell of bonfires. And of course…the stormy weather.