“The thing about leopard print is it’s a mixture of being classy and expensive and a bit Bet Lynch.”


Name: Lucy Pettigrew
Born: 1973
Place of birth: Worcestershire, UK
Do Freelance seamstress. Fashion designer. Mum

Give us a synopsis of your life & how it lead to Ibiza
I split my time between being a freelance seamstress for Burberry in London and creating a small fashion label on the island, where I design and make everything myself. I’m also a full time mum to my 8 year old nutter, Stan. Life in Ibiza is all about my son and trying to get my label off the ground without working too hard! That last part is hard to maintain at the moment. The thought of my son having a carefree life outside in the sun is what mainly brought me to Ibiza.

What is it about leopard print that you love so much?
The thing about leopard print is it’s a mixture of being classy and expensive and a bit Bet Lynch. It’s pretty on-trend right now, but leopard print has been around since the 20’s and I can’t see it going away soon.

How would you describe the Ibiza style?
It definitely has the bohemian/ hippy vibe, which is not my cup of tea, as I’m a bit of a tomboy. I’d love to have a shop here, open all year round, where I can dress the ladies of the island and not just the tourists.

Which is better, being the boss or an employee?
I’ve been freelance for nearly 25 years, but I’ve never employed someone. I’m not sure I’d be a good boss though, as I’d be the one suggesting lunchtime and after work drinks and then I’d have to go all sensible!

Where’s your favorite Ibiza hangout?
It has to be Pikes. It’s small, personal, has lots of places to hide and I can never remember leaving!

Who was the last person you had a good conversation with? What did you speak about?
My friend Berri. She’s been practicing Buddhism for the last 40 years and always has gems of advice to give me. She introduced me to chanting and it’s changed a lot in my life. Nam myoho renge kyo!

What is one of your favorite words or phrases?
“Alright bab?” I’m from the midlands and it’s what I constantly say.

What do you value most about Island life?
Having time to be with friends and family and making new friends. I’ve met the most interesting people here. And the outdoor life too. It’s insanely beautiful here and I never get bored of it. I’m a bit of a nerd and love getting the map out and going exploring.

Who would you like to bring to the island who hasn’t been here? Why?
My mum, who died 30 years ago. She was a real sun worshiper and I think she would be proud of the life I’ve made for myself in Ibiza.