“I like to dip it in Marmite, then heat it with a straightening iron.”

Name: Marc de Groot
Born: 1977
Place of birth: Manchester, UK
Do: Photographer, filmmaker (see more at marcdegroot.co.uk)

You’re from Great Britiain, you live on Ibiza, recently got back from a shoot in Sardinia and I’m sending these questions to you in Mykonos. Would you say you’re a person who likes islands?
Generally islands will have a bigger coast to inland ratio therefore more beaches as a percentage. So yes, I like islands!

What do you think draws you to documenting images?
I love capturing real moments and emotions, that never gets boring.

You’re clearly a very busy guy, especially during the season. How do you stay sane amidst all the work?
Sane? Who says I’m sane?


I get the impression that you can get the measure of another person quite quickly. How do you do it?
Usually its a mix of body language, facial expressions and if they talk about themselves too much!

Do you do anything special to keep that moustache looking so mega?
I like to dip it in Marmite, then heat it with a straightening iron. Joking! Just a bit of hair wax.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
I like to drive around the countryside and visit all kinds of scenic spots in Ibiza.


What are you most worried about right now?
I’m not actually worried about anything.

What was your favourite moment from this season?
There are too many to mention, but sunset paddle boarding with the Mrs was a highlight.