“I don’t see their body. I see their characters & souls. They are funny, simple & always present.”

Do: Yoga Instructor at PROJECT

How did you come to make Ibiza your home?
My ex-husband & I were living in Australia and trying to have a child through IVF. After three years of unsuccessful attempts the IVF had killed my body with chemicals. I stopped the process & decided to rebuild myself by an organic diet. I started researching & educating myself on how foods affect the body. Eventually we considered leaving the city to live in the countryside, where we could grow our own food and have more control over what we ate. At the same time we didn’t want to disconnect from society. We wanted to live somewhere we felt connected to nature & people. Eventually we chose Ibiza as our home, because it was a place where we had visited before & it offered us this unique mix of nature & humanity.

I loved meeting your furry family. What is it about your dogs that you connect with so much?
I don’t see their bodies. I see their characters & souls. They are funny, simple & always present. They simply enjoy life. So I really admire them. I want–for just a moment–to really feel how they feel. Imagine what it must be like to not think about the past or the future and be totally in the present, experiencing life to the maximum. Every single moment dogs are ready for life.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Getting married. What a brain wash that was! Now I’m single, I realize marriage is a really big illusion. As time passes, I find it harder for me to understand the arbitrary rules society puts on us.

What is the biggest priority in your life right now?
My dogs & yoga.

What do you do when you’re bored?
I have six dogs & we live & play together. I don’t get bored easily, because my dogs keep me active. We all┬áplay together. We hug each other. We talk. They take care of me and they give me love. It’s never boring.

Croissant or Healthy Green Juice?
I love croissants. They are an unbelievable creation! I ate them for a long time before I understood my body. Now I understand, I realise they don’t function well with my body. I prefer to make a really nice smoothies. Favourite ingredients are berries; coconut cream; cacao and peanut butter.

In what way do you consider yourself lucky?
I’m lucky I was born in Europe. I was brought up in a safe place, without illness, hunger, rape, guns, death. So many people do not have this kind of luck. And on top of this, I live in this beautiful place, Ibiza. It’s an unbelievably lucky life I have.