“Living in Ibiza surrounded by dance and music makes me feel alive at all times.”

Name: Navine Colligan
Do: Owner & Co-founder of Cardamom Events

I read somewhere that you left London life by packing your possessions into a tiny car without any idea of your final destination. How did you end up in Ibiza?
Ibiza was never on the radar, but we met some clients in London who convinced us to visit the island. After we packed up our lives in the UK & sought our next destination, we ended up in Ibiza for a weekend and–to our surprise–found that the island had so much to offer us. After 15 years of tireless work and starting to see our family grow up here, I’d like to think we have much to offer this wonderful island too.

You and your husband run a successful Ibiza business. Tell us a little bit about that and how you juggle it with raising a young family.
Its all about being super organised. Planning our personal lives is key, especially having a great routine. Also, making sure we have the right support at home and knowing our kids are happy really takes the pressure off running a business & hectic as Cardamom.

When was the last time you REALLY danced?
Living in Ibiza surrounded by dance and music makes me feel alive at all times, but the last time I REALLY danced was in India at a family event in March. I also have crazy dance parties at home with my kids…mostly when I’m cooking! My favourite type of dancing? Under the stars with friends ANYWHERE in Ibiza!

What are your best qualities you hope to instil in your children? Any less desirable qualities you’d rather they didn’t inherit?
I would like them to enter the world with an educated approach to all aspects of life. To be well-mannered, open minded, understanding of their own emotional needs and ultimately to remember that whatever life choices they make, they should be happy. Less desirable qualities? I would prefer them not to inherit the super workaholic approach their parents have, haha!

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen on Ibiza since you’ve been living here?
Being a vegetarian was very hard when we first arrived 18 years ago. Getting a decent vegetarian meal in a restaurant was difficult. Times have clearly changed and now my whole family are slowly but surely going vegan – there is so much more choice now!

You know I’m a great fan of your style. Where do you shop on the island for clothes that reflect who you are?
I come from a fashion background and Ibiza has changed me for the better. There is no one style here, everyone is unique and their clothes reflect the personalities and lifestyles. I love that. I buy all types of clothing from many different places, which is amazing considering the island is so small. My fave places to shop: Sluiz, Charo Ruiz and there an many gems to be found in the little beach boutiques!