“An educated woman is a strong woman. I admire every woman who dares to educate herself and speak her mind.”

Name: Valeriiya Morosova
Born: 1989
Place of birth: USSR
Do: Owner, Quantum Agency. Brand Producer


Tell us an alternative Ibiza story
I came here for a celebration. 150 guests flew out to the event from all over the world. It was an unforgettable experience. Waiting in the airport for our flight to board to go back to London, I was holding my 6 months old daughter in my arms and I swear I felt or heard her say these exact words: “Mama, this is my home, do not take me from here. Make it work.” We have been here almost 8 years now.

What’s the most effective way you’ve ever invested in yourself?
I invested my time, my energy and my love in myself. As mostly every woman I was also brought up to be a people-pleaser and I suffered great psychological loss because of it. Did you know that women can people please themselves into a nervous breakdown? Well I stopped doing that and I started using my skill set to please myself. This was the best investment.

Why did you create Quantum Agency?
At one point I noticed that as I sit in a business meeting or a boardroom and speak from the heart about bringing inspiration and passion into the business, the mouths of my audience goes dry, red flushes through their cheeks and they begin to tense their jaws. That’s how uncomfortable it is for naturally left brain, logic driven individuals to begin to imagine using their intuitive and emotional right brain. In the same manner when I go to a group of intuitive individuals about building their business and creating structure in their lives their mouth goes dry, red flushes arise and they begin to tense their jaws. Having been lucky to experience life from both logical and intuitive perspectives, I saw that both parties are missing each others skills to feel fully empowered. I wanted to create a service and a methodology that would unite our right and left brain hemisphere.

I notice that human beings are most brilliant when those two brain hemispheres are in sync. This means that your logical brain and your intuitive brain can look at the same subject without cognitive dissonance. And there is a method to that. This method I had integrated into all the services of Quantum Agency. I am personally passionate about conscious entrepreneurship – business that doesn’t just fight for its own survival, but supports others through it’s fundamental existence. QA is all about personal branding with the heart, creating conscious products, whether digital or physical and of course PR. You add value purely by your existence. In conscious business there is no competition, only alliances.

What is a conscious conversation and who did you last have a conversation like this with?
Conscious Conversation is a video segment for YouTube created by QA where I cover current world events with experts from niche perspectives. I have met many extraordinary people with extraordinary perspectives and what I love the most is to listen to other people’s intellectual content. I may not agree with you or them or anyone 100% and have my own strong opinion but I love to listen deeply and practice tolerance and this is the aim of the show. I believe I have gotten used to having these deep and explorative conversations as a norm for myself. This is why I decided to make it onto a “thing”. My dream would be to invite Brock Pierce to the episode and find out what the unexpected presidential candidate thinks about this whole situation. And Mikki Willis, these men for me are real warriors and real fathers.

What do you think constitutes a Strong Woman?
I read to my girl a lot. One of my favourite books from her library is “50 women and girls who changed the world” I have to say that I love and admire every woman mentioned there. When I told her that women were not allowed, by law, to drive, study, work and get paid, vote or have any opinion in fact, my 8 year old was outraged. An educated woman is a strong woman. I admire every woman who dares to educate herself and speak her mind.

What’s the thing that you want to shout from rooftops and tell the World?

What’s the most important lesson you’d like to teach your daughter?
I would teach her to say NO early on. And to do her own research and use her incredible brain and emotional intelligence to navigate this world. Stay on her path – stay away from narcissists and psychopaths, they drain your light. I would also teach her how to box. She needs to know how to throw a punch, fix basic things around the house and if in any case she doesn’t know how to do something yet, she can always learn. She sees this world through inspired eyes and I want them to only grow wider at the surprise of the things that she, a young woman, can achieve. I’m her biggest fan and I can’t wait to watch her take her independent steps in this world.

Do you believe in magic?
I do not believe in magic as I do not believe in religion or any dogmatic indoctrination of belief. What I do believe in are miracles. I believe in the Quantum Field and it’s capacity to generate miracles.

Who are your online heroes?
Gary Vee, Julian Assange, Teal Swan, Billie Eilish. Although controversial these people continue to inspire me in different ways

What’s #thedifficultconversation?
It’s a conversation that nobody wants to have. We speak about taboo subjects. You know why? Because the carpet has gotten too small for all the $h*t we have collectively, as a modern society, shoved under it and the only way to clean it up is to begin to acknowledge it. So every time you feel brave enough to address the collective unconscious online, use #thedifficultconversation

Do you think men & women can ever really truly understand each other?
I don’t want to be dystopian but it’s more likely that women will form male-less societies before men will care enough to listen closely to a woman. Men are brought up into carelessness and force and that has been true for centuries. Women were brought up to be forever subservient and pleasing incubators of life and subjects of their owner. It may not look like that to the naked eye right now, but it’s deeply embedded in our cultures, in the language men use to describe or address women and what men teach young boys about women. It’s hard to estimate the possibility or the timeline of this possibility. I’m not hopeful (laughs) but I know that women and men can have a conscious conversation and that’s where it begins.

If you had to make a connection through these words: Queen; Goddess; Beauty – what would that connection be?
A kingdom, a cultivation, a wisdom, a know how, a methodology, a love.
One cannot be a Queen without a kingdom. Beauty is futile without cultivation, Goddess
(mother) is dead without her followers (children).
Kingdom which cultivates love and beauty, Watched over by the Goddess Mother.
Where is this place? And how do I get there?